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Does Your Audience Need the Oola Life? 

When you bring Tonya Strahan to your next event, your audience will learn the proven Oola steps to finding balance in an unbalanced world, mixed with a little dash of Tonya. Whether your attendees are employees, business owners, working moms, Millennials or others, the Oola message will resonate in ways that bring about lasting change.

In fact, anecdotal evidence shows that when finances, family life, health and other major life areas are going well, followers of the Oola lifestyle show up for work (and life) with better focus, more confidence, lower absenteeism, and higher output. Not only that, it’s long been known that personal-growth training leads to professional development. 

So whether your next event is a business conference, women’s event, community outreach, or something else, the Oola message combined with Tonya's ability to relate to others through her own personal stories of struggles and growth will help them set goals, take daily action steps, and resolve longstanding problems that are keeping them from the life they want.

Your attendees will enjoy benefits like these:

  • Lower stress levels with finances in check, toxic family situations addressed, and marriages on solid ground

  • Better fitness and health with commitment to a sustainable regimen

  • Tranquil, structured, healthy households that support kids’ learning in school and which teach important life lessons, too

  • Weekly fun, new family traditions, and “bucket list” experiences that bring a sense of life balance and optimism

  • Enduring faith, supportive friends, and career choices that bring joy, fulfillment and overall life satisfaction


Tonya Strahan is available to deliver the Oola formula in the following formats:

• Half-day workshop with comprehensive exercises, journaling and group interaction
• One-hour keynote presentation to inspire your attendees and help them get the most from your event

• One-hour webinar to bring about immediate action in one major life area

To contact Tonya Strahan about your next event and receive a comprehensive speaker kit, Fill out the form below: