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You Are Not Alone

I haven't been in a good place. I've been struggling, a lot! I've been going thorough the motions of life. Drifting in the wind, being blown in all different directions with no real direction. A woman who was once so full of hope and purpose to a shell of a woman. Why? It's taken me a while to find the answer to that.

Why? Because I lost my way. My Faith is something that feeds my spirit, body and purpose. I pray from time to time, not daily, not continually. I seek God's face, his Wisdom, from time to time, not daily, not continually. I've been doing it my way for a long time, so long that I'm spiritually broken, lost. My cup is empty. There was a time it was over flowing. I was full of joy, happiness and purpose but not anymore.

It's taken, hitting a bottom that I never thought I would see. I didn't know there was a place so dark. I've lost friends, family, health, drive, motivation, faith, desire, I've truly lost my way, my reason for living. Now, that I'm in this place, what do I do? I don't know the answer to that. I do know that I need to seek answers in His Word.

I was listening to a preacher this morning who said, your in the wrong environment. He used the illustration of a fish. If you take the fish out of water and expect him to thrive, it won't happen. It's the wrong environment for him, he needs the water to survive. He will flip and flop around but he is dying. It's the same with us, when we are out of the Presence of God, we have no breathe to breath. We are in the wrong environment. We are dying without the Love.

I've been flipping and flopping, doing everything I could to try and breath. All I needed was one breath from God. A moment to remember who created me. Now, I didn't get to this place overnight and God can restore me, my Purpose my Faith in a moment or he can allow me to rebuild over time. However, God chooses to restore my Faith, to help me find my way, I trust Him. I will take it one day at a time. One Scripture at a time. One Prayer at a time. I know I am not alone.

I'm reminded of one of my favorite songs, Carry Your Candle. The words say, I want to carry my candle to light the world. I've let my candle go out but it's time to allow God to light my candle. My candle will shine bright again, I will share the light from my candle with the . . . Tired. Worn. Lonely. Scared.

If you've lost your way, as I have. It is never too late. God never leaves us nor will he forsake us. He is a loving God that is ready to receive you with open arms at any time or place. He Loves You!

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