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Where is Your Focus

We are faced with many problems on a daily basis. This cat made me think. Why do we focus on the problems when the solution is all around us. We don't even realize there is a solution, we focus on the negativity of the world. Some settle in and live in the problem, never knowing there is a better life to live. Some decide to run around in stressful circles or do nothing at all. Some live for the negative attention. We believe the lie, this problem is normal, or we deserve it.

Get out of your box. There is a happy life out there for you to live. You don't have to settle. You don't deserve anything less than joy and happiness. The problems we face have no power over us unless we give them the power. Take control. How do you do that? You find the positive within each problem and learn from it. The more positivity you look for, you will find it, and it will start finding you. As you are learning to look for the positive, you will have good and bad days, keep searching for better days. Don't give up when the bad days come. You have to fight for better days.

But if you stay negative, negative will surround you and over take you. Don't let yourself live in a negative state. It is a lot easier to sit back and let ugliness take root in your heart. It takes work to stop our mouth from opening and find positive before we speak a word. You have to take a stand and I believe everyone has the power to over come the darkness that creeps into our lives.

You are Enough! You deserve happiness. You deserve joy. Share your joys with others. Share love and celebrate life! You can . . . fill in the blank.

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