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What makes me . . . Me.

We all have our own unique personality, quirks, things we like, and things we dislike. There is no other person on this earth exactly like you or like me. My story is different then others and similar to some. I have people who love me and people that don't.

I have no memories of my childhood. My first memory was of extreme fear. The next day I found out my best friend, my aunt was murdered. I retreated into my own thoughts, my own bubble. I began going to spend a lot fo time with my Uncle. He was paralyzed but he taught me how to ride a horse. My love for animals grew stronger during this time in my life. I have a bond, a respect for animals and they love me too.

When I was in my later years of elementary school, it was discovered that I wasn't comprehending what I was reading. I found out that I was born with brain damage, with very little hope of learning and functioning as a normal person. But I did learn, it was a struggle and I had to have extra help but I did learn. I accomplished many things that some believed I would never be capable of. Nothing I accomplished came easy, I had to stay focused, determined and fight for what I wanted or believed I could in.

My life hasn't been easy from living at home with my momma, daddy and sister to getting married to a verbal abusive man. There was confuse and strife in my home. My daddy was an alcoholic, my sister a drug addicted and then there was momma who hated drugs and alcohol so much that it caused many fights. Fights that got so bad, I would hide under the bed or in the closet. Then I married a man that was an alcoholic that did drugs and thrived on yelling, mostly at me.

The first thing that came easy for me was being a mother. My son and my daughter gave me purpose, gave me joy, they were my life. I wasn't prefect but I did my best and prayed that God would turn all our wrongs into rights for our children. As my children grew up, we went through ups and downs as all families with teens do. There was one difference, I stepped out of the marriage. I couldn't live with myself so I told my husband. That's when the verbal abuse got unbearably bad. Until he finally walked out on me and the kids. I went through one of the lowest times of my life. My daughter was right by my side. We got through this time together, growing a very strong bond. We discovered what unconditional love really is.

I remarried my best friend, who also showed me unconditional love, even when I didn't believe I deserved it. He has showed me that I do deserve love, joy, happiness and we do live in peace. He is the Love of my Life. My point in all this is . . . we are not what happens to us or what happens around us. We are not what others say or think about us. Where you are today, is not where you are going, keep living you will find your purpose and fulfill it. Don't let your circumstances, the judgements of others effect how you believe in yourself. You are unique! Never give up on your dreams!

Reflections: I've had words spoke over me that I would never learn or amount to anything but be a burden. I've been judged by others because of their own preconceived notions about me. These same people that have judged me never gave me the respect to get to know the real me. I've been mistreated unfairly and justly. I've also been loved and respected and experienced joy and happiness.

I've not done everything perfectly but some things I have. I'm proud of me and have no regrets. The things that some might say should be a regret, these things have made me strong and wise. They have given me experiences that I can share to make a difference in others's lives. All this has build me, given me character. It's made me, Me.

Read Life Happens - Enjoy the Ride for more details on the above stories and more.

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