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What an Honor!

I received a call from Authors Press in regards to an up coming event in Los Angeles. It's the 25th Anniversary of Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at the University of Southern California. Life Happens - Enjoy the ride had recently been recommended to them, followed by my Publisher's Press Release which supported the recommendation.

The Critics of Authors Press rated Life Happens as the "Best Inspirational Book" they have rated. As the conversation continued it was obvious they had really read it. The lady would reference quotes from my book, she even encouraged me to have patience. She said, "Have patience to become successful." These were words I needed to hear. Once, twice of seven times a week I question myself, why am I doing this? Should I be following this dream? She gave me the kick in the behind I needed believe in my dream.

What is my dream? Why did I write a book? Why do I blog? Why do I record a podcast? This is not about me. It's my stories but it's about you and others who need encouragement and inspiration. My dream is to encourage others to believe in themselves, no matter where they have been or what they are going through. The struggles are there to build a better stronger you!

You are Enough!

I've felt sad and less than enough. There were times I wanted to just disappear. I felt like I was more of a burden and no one would miss me if I could just disappear. I felt like I didn't matter. It was a horrible lonely place to be and I was there for way too long. I don't want anyone to feel like that. And if they do, I want them to know they are not alone, they will find happiness again. And Strong!! They will be so much stronger once they have come through the valley.

Life Happens is full of my stories, the stories that made me strong, the stories I pray will encourage and inspire you to never give up!

What happen with Author Press and the Book Festival? It is a great opportunity but is too rich for my blood. I'm a new struggling author. I will keep it in my bag of tricks. Hopefully next year I can attend. It's a Wonderful Honor to be recommended and recognized!

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