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Vanilla Latte & Snickerdoodle Day

I promised myself today was the day. Today I will start fresh, I’ll get back on tract spiritually, mentally and physically. I’ve actually made this promise to myself many times over the last month, only to fail and try again the next day. Today was different, I got up with a smile and joy in my heart. I started my coffee and did a little cleaning. I started baking some snickerdoodle cookies and grabbed my Bible.

As I sat down at the table with the sweet smells of vanilla latte and fresh baked cookies in the air, I began to read but where to start. The Old Testament is History and the New Testament is the Life of Jesus, his stories are the templates we should live by. I’ve read this many times before and questioned why start here yet again. I soon stopped fussing with God and started to read. I prayed that his Word would jump off the page and come alive within me. I continued to read the Word and the footnotes in my Bible. Then I saw it! It is right there and I missed it so many times before. We read the genealogy of Jesus but do we ever stop to let it soak in? These are real people, yes it can be a hard read with all the strange names, but they are real. I’m not talking about live people, which they were but real people with real problems. They were sinners! His heritage included several embarrassing individuals but he never denied his ancestry or allowed others to shame him. Some did things that today most would turn their nose up and judge them.

I’m going through a situation right now with a very close family member. Her business is being spread throughout the family by busybodies that call themselves Christians. They say “God told them”, when the truth of the matters is someone was angry and started the gossip train. These same people who quote scriptures in accordance with their agenda. Please don’t get me wrong, I believe God’s Word is True, Just and Holy from cover to cover, but I do believe we sometimes use it incorrectly. Talking about someone’s personal life to others in the name of prayer is Gossip. The Bible says to lift them up, yet families continue to tear each other down with their tongues.

Gossip always comes back around. You can’t talk about someone without it getting back to them in some form or fashion. When it does make the circle, you have lost a trust that is gong to be hard to rebuild if it’s even possible to rebuild. In Jesus’ family tree, we don’t think twice about their sin, we forgive them and move on. Why? Because it’s Jesus’ family? We are his family too, do we not deserve forgiveness? Shame on those who prosecute their brother because they don’t agree with them. Jesus came from sinners for sinners.

I encourage you. No I challenge you, to lift up your family and loved ones in prayer. Talk to God about them, he is the only one that can truly change the king’s heart. You can’t. The gossip train can’t. Go to the Rock. I know! I know! Sometimes you need to vent and talk to people. God can send people to help you but choose your words wisely, don’t let your mouth speak what is not your business to tell. Ask yourself a few questions before you jump on the gossip train, is what you heard true? Do you have the whole story? Do you want to damage this person with your words. Words are very powerful, use your words to encourage, not to tear down and destroy. Finally, remember your words can and will come back to hurt you. The Bible says to guard your tongue, that it’s an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. James 3:9 With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in similitude of God.

Reflections: Unfortunately people are going to talk, some are going to be uplifting and some will tear you down. The Good News is you know the truth inside your heart. God knows your heart and he loves you. The words of a busybody doesn’t make it true, they are hurting themselves. My best advice, after you get over the hurt and anger from the gossip, pray for them. Pray God’s Mercy and Grace for them. Reality is if they are talking about someone and not lifting up, they are not happy people and they need God’s Grace.

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