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Travel Disappointments could be Blessing in Disguise 

The anticipation of our Anniversary Cruise was building as we were packed and headed to the airport. We checked our bags and started walking towards our gate, boarded our first flight and everything was going great. As we arrived in Dallas, TX we had a little time to eat and get to our next gate. We ate our very over priced hamburgers and fries as we relaxed waiting for our next flight. We boarded the plane and got settled in for a three hour flight. I have extreme restless legs so I took my meds and started started watching a movie.

The first announcement of a delay came over the speakers. The cockpit was not cooling so they were working on the problem. He encouraged us to relax, we would be taking off shortly. It wasn’t very long before we began to move, we would be in Los Angeles in a few short hours. As we started taxiing down the runway, every went black, our plane died. When I say died, it was a rock. There was no power to anything. I saw the airline attendant drop her head in her hands, as she shook her head. I thought this can’t be good. What if we were flying when that happen? I continued to pray for our safety. We were towed back to the gate and everyone was asked to get off the aircraft, there were mechanical problems. You think!! I was actually very calm, I had taken my meds and didn’t have a care in the world, except for ice cream. I really wanted ice cream.

Announcement after announcement was made that we were delayed again and again. Hour after hour, delay after delay, then finally we were ready the plane was ready for us to board. They began boarding the first four or five groups, when the boarding stopped and everyone started coming back into the lobby. What now?! It was announced that our pilot had timed out and couldn’t fly the plane. They would try to find another pilot. I was still holding it together, not extremely happy but holding it together.

Another hour crawled by and finally we saw the new pilot board the plane. As the announcement was made there was a loud cheer. It wasn’t long before we started boarding when again it stopped. They had to run some type of test before taking off, we again waiting another hour. I wasn’t sure we were ever going to get in the air and at this point I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but I had a peace. Finally it came time to board again! We all got on the plane and settled in. I had to take more meds, it had been over six hours from the time of our original boarding and take off time.

As we taxied down the runway and stopped and waited our turn, it was another thirty minutes before we were clear to take off. Finally, we were in the air headed towards LA! Arriving in LA, we headed to gather our luggage so we could call the Uber to get us to our final destination for today. We all stood around waiting for our luggage for over thirty minutes, when an announcement was made. Due to construction, the luggage was diverted to a different luggage area. We all headed through the airport. By now the meds and my patience had been long gone.

As we walked up, I saw our luggage, I told Terry it will be coming around soon, push in there and get it. He is a lot nicer than I am and stood back until he saw it. I got up close and grabbed one bag while he got the other one. I was on a mission to get out of this place. I was feeling overwhelmed and thought I would spontaneously combust at any moment. I got out of the airport and ordered an Uber. I got a call shortly after from the Uber driver, saying her was about five or ten minutes away to cancel him and order a new Uber. I was in shock. Seriously. I said ok, but when I looked it cost to cancel. I called him back and told him I didn’t care how long it took, come get us. I was yelling by now. He said ok. Well, he didn’t come get us. He canceled our reservation. I was so angry. It was my first experience with Uber, not good.

We saw a line for a Taxi, so we got in that line. We didn’t wait long before we had a taxi. We were on our way, boy was that an adventure, taxi driver plus LAX traffic plus LA traffic, I’m very blessed and happy to be alive. We arrived at my daughters’ seven and a half hours later than scheduled but we made it. We were safe, tired and alive.


What started out as a day full of anticipation and excitement turned into a day of delays and disappointments but it still ended with us arriving safely in my daughters’ home. It was a very trying day however it could have been worse, we could’ve been in the air when then plane malfunctioned and I wouldn’t be telling this story. What if Blessings are the delays in life? What if Blessings are the time you get to share with the ones around you during a trying time? Look for the Blessings and not the dis-appointment. It’s not easy but it will be worth it.

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