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Time Flies

It’s already March! Where did January and February go?

It’s hard to believe we are already well into 2019. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the New Year. Well, Here are a few things I’ve done since the first of the year. I was scrolling through FaceBook right before January and found a fellow runner finished “Run the Year”. That sounded interesting and like something that would motivate me to move. In 2018 I had slacked a lot due to depression but I was starting to get my mojo back so I looked into it. Run the Year is a challenge to walk or run 2,019 miles in 2019. There is no way I can do that but I read on. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. As I read, it stated you can do this as a team of 5 so I stated talking to others and before I knew it I had a team. As a matter of fact, I was so excited about this I started to share with others. So many signed up that I was asked to be the Lead Fitster in my area and maintain a facebook group. As of today my team is fifty miles from five-hundred miles and I’m four miles from one-hundred. I love being part of this team, it motivates me to keep moving not just for me but for my team. Sometimes we need that kick in the behind, I can tell myself I don’t want to but I can’t let my team down.

I experienced a cold rainy trail run in January. No, I promise, I’m not just going to share my runs. I was excited about this race but my feet have started to bother me again. They were hurting so bad, it hurt to take a step, but I was excited about this trail. I got there and thought I was going to freeze, it wasn’t that cold but the wind. Oh the wind was cutting through us. I hide behind the only building around. Others started to come back there with me. We started a conversation and forgot how cold it was. Finally we were off! We started out in a field and ran around to the road, as soon as I hit the road, I stepped in a hole and twisted my ankle. I slowed down to check myself. We were only .2 so I was close enough to go to the car. I was pretty sure I was ok to trot on, so I continued. We headed in the wooded trail and I was feeling good, enjoying God’s big world without feeling in my hands. I thought my hands would have ice rot by the end of this race (my daughter calls frostbite, ice rot and it stuck with me). It had been raining for a week or more so there was a lot of mud. At .8 I came to a big mud hole. I tried to jump over it but my foot landed right in the middle, as I pulled my foot, my shoe stayed in the mud. Now my foot is muddy because y body continue to move forward after my shoe betrayed me. The only part of my shoe I could see is where my foot was. I had to dig in the mud to get it. By this time, I was laughing so hard I could hardly get my shoe back on. It was all smooth after that but the race took us from the trail to a gravel road and the rest of the race was on the road. That was disappointing. The last two years, I ran this race, it was 90% in wooded trails. I did enjoy myself and met a few friends before and after the race. It was time to head home to prop my feet up in front of the fire.

In February I went to my first Mardi Gras Bal and was Lieutenant of our Mardi Gras float. I road on a float in the past but not as the Lieutenant. The Bal was on Friday night and my work family met to enjoy the festivities. The theme was “The Greatest Show on Earth”. We ate, we laughed, we danced and overall enjoyed a great evening together. It was a slightly rainy day for the parade but I had rented a float with a cover so we were ready to go. The rain held off until closer to the end of the parade. I can’t explain the feeling of riding on a float and throwing beads, moon pies, M&Ms and other goodies to all the people. I smiled the whole time and my face hurt for hours after. It was truly an honor and I’ll never forget this experience.

It’s now March.  I’ve worked on my book a lot, finishing up my second edit and praying the third edit will be the last one so I can start on the design. I have started making notes on another book. 🙂 I love pets and I’m waiting on a new baby to get ready for me to pick up. I’ll share more later.

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