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Miracles Do Happen

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Today she’s a tap dance choreographer but she began her life weighing in at 3 lbs 7 oz. She was brought into this world nine weeks before her due date by an emergency c-section. As soon as she took her first breath the doctor punched her in the eye. This punch was an accident but it started her fight for life. She was quickly taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where she continued to fight.

Her mother was in recovery but not doing well. She had suffered from pregnancy induced hypertension which caused the emergency surgery. Both mother and daughter were under the watchful eyes of their doctors, as they fought for their lives. The baby was doing well but her mother’s blood pressure was very high. The operating room was on standby waiting to hear if the mom needed open heart surgery. They keep a close eye on her, she could stroke or have a heart attack at any moment. Over the next few hours, it was a roller coaster of emotions. The mother’s blood pressure had a mind of it's own and continued to rise. They tried medication after medication but nothing would stabilize her numbers. The mother was in and out of conciseness. It goes without saying how afraid she was. She had prayed for this baby for years. She had been given a little dress three years earlier that she keep “By Faith” she would have a little girl one day. Now, she had given birth to this blessing and was fighting for her life. She prayed that God would not take her and allow someone else to raise the little girl she had prayed for so many years. Her blood pressure peaked at 250/202. She was in excruciating pain. Hour after hour went by, until finally after six long hours, her blood pressure dropped to normal. She had made it through the night and was ready to see her baby. But first she had to wait for her nurse. As the nurse come in the room, the question was asked, how sick was the mom. The nurse explained she had been a nurse for over Twenty-five years and had never seen someone that close to death and live.

It was time to see the baby, she was doing well but had a long road ahead of her. She would face a blood transfusion. Having her lungs blown up for her by respiratory therapy. She would get poked in her feet because her little hands were too small. She wore the scares on her feet from all the blood draws and test for years. She was alone with very little touch for a month and a half. Her parents were told over and over again, that she was the exception instead of the rule.

Her big brother's third birthday was coming up. He told his parents and the doctors, all he wanted for his birthday was his little sister home. When the day came for her to go home, it was her big brothers third birthday. He was so excited to see her as we arrived at home in time for his birthday party with his baby sister.

The day she got to go home, she was a healthy little lady. No monitors or medications needed which was unheard of for a baby of her size and experiences. She was growing faster than expected, she continued to be the exception, growing at the rate of a full term baby not the growth rate of a preemie. By the time she was one, she had been released from the preemie program, she was prefect.

She started dance at five years old. She didn’t always like it. She took everything from ballet to jazz to hip-hop to tap. Her body was built for ballet but she had other plans. She loved tap from the beginning, making noise. Her passion for tap grew as she did. She developed her own unique style of movements. Once she was old enough to teach, she began to share her love for tap with others. She’s traveled to New York and California to advance and hone her skills as an artist. She has choreographed many winning tap group and solo pieces. Today she is living her dream in LA. She is my favorite tap dancer, teacher and choreographer.

Who is she? As you now know She is a miracle. She is a fighter.

This young lady started her life fighting but she never let it hold her back nor has she ever thought of giving up when the odds were stacked against her. She makes me so proud . . . Her name is Ginni. She is my daughter.

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