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Thanksgiving of the Past

Times have changed in the past 5 years, 10 year, 20 years . . . We live in a world of “Fast”. You can drive thru to pick up dinner and even groceries. Where are the times of sitting on the front porch and watching fire-flies? Sitting around the table with family, eating dinner or working on a puzzle together. When was the last time you took the time to enjoy family, really enjoy family?

Thanksgivings of the past were a time of helping mom and grandmother prepare for a day of family. A day where you slowed down to enjoy visiting, playing, eating and napping. Now, you hustle from family to family. Hurry up and eat so you can get to the next stop and finally go home.

This year I Hope you slowed down. That you took a moment to just talk to your family and soak up every moment. That you made lasting memories with you mom, grandpa, sister, cousin . . . They won’t always be here. Live everyday like it’s your last and Love Unconditionally! Be Thankful for the family and friends God has placed in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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