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Thankful I Can't Turn People Into Frogs

I learned a few valuable lessons this past week. I was also reminded of a few lessons I learned in the past but needed a refresher.

First: I don’t like the process of travel. I’m not getting into how stressful it is when your flight is delayed and your miss all connecting flights. Then you have to stay over night somewhere you don’t want to be, in a hotel the airlines choose for you, so you know it isn’t fancy.

Second: Las Vegas is not for me. I didn’t like much about it. There are a few cool things, Fountains at Bellagio, eating a Wahlburgers, and riding the High Roller Ferris Wheel. I enjoyed the “Fancy” hotel, that everything in our room was program through our rooms iPad, including the curtains. Everything was very nice but sometimes fancy shiny things bite you. Like, if you move anything in the refrigerator, you pay for it. It’s all on a sensor which charges you when it’s picked up. Also, refrigerators in this fancy place are not for personal use. If you want the use of a fridge, you can rent one for $25 a day. Imagine my surprise when we received our folio and it was over $500!! I quickly called the hotel which refunded half and let me know I could’ve rented a refrigerator.

I learned people aren’t always what they seem but sometimes they are exactly what they seem. I appreciate the honesty of most of the homeless people in Vegas. We saw many signs that said, Need money for food and drugs. I greatly appreciate honesty. I appreciate when someone doesn’t look happy to see me. I know you aren’t happy to see me. I would rather someone talk to me and be honesty then shut me out, distant themself and leave me to my own imagination. What did I do? Did I do anything? The battle in my mind, drives me crazy, I imagine the worst, when it could be nothing at all. If only that person would have the respect to communicate.

I learned material things are not what’s important, all though riding in a friends Tesla was amazing . . . and my birthday month is right around the corner.

That good friends and family are hard to come by, and getting harder every day. Which was a refresher lesson . . . don’t trust anyone for your happiness, they will let you down and the pain cuts deep I was reminded that no matter how much I do for someone or how much love I show, that people will hurt you. The hurt and scars are there, no matter if it’s intended or unintentional. Then the words!! Or when you are ignored. It makes me feel like I don’t matter, I’m not worth their time. I was told just today, I know we need to talk and work through this but I don’t have the energy. Wow!! Think about that. Those words spoke loud and clear, you don’t matter and I don’t have time for you.

I learned being alone can be a blessing. I would rather be alone all by myself, then alone surrounded by people. During these times when you are alone with no one to turn to, turn to God. It has taken me a long time, too long, to learn this lesson. I’ve spent a lot of time being disappointed in people instead of seeking the creator for a purpose.

With all this . . . I’ve learned I’m still Strong! Although the world tries to break me. I have my Faith! My God will never let me down. Prayer works and it’s past time to get back in my prayer closet. Change is coming people!

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