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Summer of 3rds!!

This summer has been a blur. So many changes and so much happening but one thing stayed the same, I continued walking/running 5Ks as much as possible. I walked my first 5K on May 22, 2016 to make a point. I could do it! That may not sound like a big deal to most. But to me, it was. I had been told I had many issues with my feet and was facing surgery. My feet hurt most of the time, and now they want to take bones out of my feet and replace with plates. I may never walk again and I for sure will never run. I fell apart to say the least. I’m active. I’m young but I’m not going down without a fight. I’m not ready to give up. It was within a few weeks I signed up for the Color Run. No, I had never walked 3 miles, nor had I trained for it. I decided I could do it and I did! I power walked the whole time and by the end of the race, I was hooked!! I signed up for as many races as I could.

As I did more and more races I wanted to better my time and started pushing myself. Yes! It hurt and I could hardly walk by the end of the race, my feet would go numb early in the race and different days would bring different pain in my feet, knees and even my hips but I would push. I’m not giving up. I worked my way from the middle of the racers to 3rd in my age group. I was always 3rd. No matter how hard I pushed or what pain I was in, I would finish 3rd. Then out of the blue my knee started to swell. I ended up at my Orthopedic Surgeon’s office. He put me on strict orders no 5Ks until my knee wasn’t angry with me anymore. This was very upsetting, however it caused me to do a lot of thinking. I asked myself, Why? Why do I care so much about racing? Why did you start doing 5Ks? The answer was simple, for “Me”. Each race is an accomplishment. Each race brings me joy and allows me time outside to soak up God’s World. Each race proves to me, that I can and I will. I started this 5K thing to Finish. I remembered, it doesn’t matter where I finish, first, last or 3rd . . . But that I finish. Each race means, I accomplished something I was told I would never do.

This past Saturday I was scheduled to race. I did it. I finished but I wasn’t 3rd or 4th or even 5th. I finished 6th out of 11, with a time of 44:40. I finished and it was the most fun I had all summer racing. I walked it and didn’t push myself to run at all. I didn’t hurt when I crossed the finish line. I accomplished my goal and had a blast doing it. Life gets messy with many disappointments but find your “5K” and Enjoy life your way. Do something Today because you Can!!

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