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Spread Happiness

I went to bed feeling miserable. I woke up the next morning, not feeling much better. I was running late. I slowly started getting ready to face the day, determined to feel better. I'm not one to let how I feel get me down.

I got ready to begin my journey to work. I thought since I was running an hour late, the traffic wouldn't be as bad. This assumption was very wrong. I was immediately in the middle of traffic when I noticed I was the object of another drivers aggression. She was flipping me off and throwing her hands up. When I noticed, I waved and smiled at her. This seemed to agitate her even more. She began to cuss me out in sign language, that was a first. I couldn't believe she was reacting this way. I wasn't causing the traffic, I was just part of it. I wasn't the reason for her angry, but I was receiving the reaction from it. She didn't care, that I also needed to get to work. Nor that I felt like pooh. All she was interested in was getting to where she was going and getting there fast.

I was determined to not allow her bad day to effect my day. I was fighting to hold onto my joy so again, I smiled and waved at her. She flipped me off again. As a matter of fact, she propped her hand and arm on her window as she drove by.

She didn't even get around me before the traffic in her lane slowed and she was behind me again. This process went on for over a mile before traffic started to thin out and she could finally zoom past me. As she did, she waved at me. I couldn't see if she was smiling but it made me fell empathy towards her as I began to pray for her.

I could've allowed her behavior to upset me, effect my day. I was, after all feeling like pooh. It would've been easy to react by throwing my hands up, giving her the same attitude I was getting. However, what good would that do? If I reacted badly, that would not make her day better, nor would it make my day better. I believe by reacting the way I did, made us both have a better day, at least it did for me. There have been times that I reacted badly to bad behavior which only made me feel worse but not this time. This time, Joy Won!

Reflection - It's sad that we now live in a world where people are so self-centered. I do believe that you should believe, respect and have confidence in yourself before you can truly love the people around you, but this is by no means self-centered. Self-centered people don't consider others feelings, they are only concerned with their own feelings. Check yourself and see if you are considering others, their wants, needs and feelings, it's not just about you but the ones around you as well. How do you react in traffic? How do you react in the grocery store? I pray that we can love ourselves, our neighbors, and the people we meet along our life's journey.

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