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Social Media - What's Real

In this day and age, Social Media is very propular. We have Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and so many more. We follow people on social media, to keep up with them, stalk them or just to pass time. Some are all smiles and happiness, it looks like their life is perfect. There are others that are full of drama, they never say anything happy. It beckons the question, are they really happy? Are they really that sad/miserable?

We look at those happy pictures and the adventures of other, we want that happiness. If we aren't careful we will allow that to turn into jealousy. But are they really happy? Or is that what they want you to see? It's probably a little of both. I found myself becoming jealous of a young lady I follow. She is living a life that I want. She is her own boss. She travels the world with her husband and dog. She has a lucrative career. The career I am pursuing and she is so young. She has obtained this beautiful life that I too want to live. In the moment I realized I had not only become jealous, I was becoming bitter. How did I know that, because hearing of her successes was causing me to become jealous. It upset me.

What did I do? I prayed. I asked God to help me not feel this way, after all this lady had worked hard for her successes. I realizing that she’s walking the path God created for her. I'm not her but God has a different path for me. We may do some of the same things but in different ways. Just because she is successful doesn't mean I can't be. I think sometimes we look at others through envious eyes and don't appraise the success they have. Why? Because we think there isn't enough success to go around, or we aren't smart enough or deserving of the success that others have. These are misconceptions. We are more than enough and deserving of success and there is more than enough for each one of us.

Reflections: If you find yourself becoming bitter, remember you are worth it. You are Enough! Refocus on happy thoughts and believe you can have the best life, now. It may not be easy but it is worth it. What you are thinking today, is what your life will become.

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