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Rome wasn’t built in a Day

Life’s journey isn’t always on our time. We want it and we want it now. Life has become so fast paced over the years. I remember when I was little and would go spend time at my grandmother’s, it was so peaceful because all I had was time. Time to swing. Time to chase lighting bugs. Time to play outside. Time to lay in a field of flowers and watch the clouds roll by. It seems as if that time is gone, but it does’t have to be. We can take control of our time and put the cell phone down, turn the TV off and just soak up the quite.

It’s the same with getting healthy and fit, it’s a process, but we want to work out once and Poof!! We are a super model. At least I want it to be like that. I have to remind myself daily, I didn’t get to this point overnight and it is going to take time to see results and feel better. I can and will do this taking one step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other until I see the results I’ve been longing for.

You can do it too! Don’t let life get you down, find the positive in everything you do. Don’t beat yourself up if you fail, just get up and try again. We can do this together!

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