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Pizza & Doughnuts

You’ve seen the Personal Trainers on TV or in the Gym that are exercise, fitness and nutrition 24/7. They beat you over the head with “Eat right, exercise and no sweets!” Or, “If you enjoy it don’t do it, it’s bad for you!” How is that working for you? Are you doing what that trainer has told you to do? Have you stuck to that diet of not eating carbs? No!! I know better. You are human and who would blame you? No Carbs?! That’s crazy talk . . . You need carbs and even that little kick of sweets. Now, before you down that whole chocolate pie, and say, “Tonya said I could.” What I actually say is “Moderation!” Moderation is the key, or better yet portion control.

I’m not your average trainer, I don’t eat salad on a regular basis. I do eat steak and my all time favorite is potatoes and gravy. I don’t believe in fad diets or any diet for that matter. I believe to lose weight there has to be a Life Style change, where nutrition and exercise work together. I was the baby of the family and born on my daddy’s birthday so I wasn’t made to try anything I didn’t want to. Believe it or not, I wish I would’ve tried more things but fact is I have a very limited palate and major texture issues. Let me take a moment to say, if you have children, don’t limit them. Make them at least taste different foods of all types and textures. If a child has a texture issue, they can over time get past it, where as an adult . . . There isn’t much you can do. Believe me, I’ve done research on this and tried to get past the texture as an adult, only to make myself sick time and time again.

Back to the subject, Moderation or Portion Control. You can eat a steak and baked potato, but do you really need the sour cream, cheese, bacon bits and butter? The answer is no, you don’t really need it. But you want it!! I say cut back, if you normally eat 2 tbs of butter cut it to 1. Start where you are and set yourself up to succeed. Don’t expect yourself to cut all the goodies out when you have been eating like that for years. What’s going to happen if you just stop eating everything you love? You will crash and jump right back in where you left off. Life Style changes don’t happen over night! We didn’t get Here over night so why would we expect to be able to change that fast? Start by cutting back on your portions and track. Track everything you eat and drink. Most of us don’t even realize how much we consume in a day. Track it, then start cutting back. Knowledge is Power! You can do this! Your are worth it!!

If trainers were honest, they want Pizza and Doughnuts for dinner!! Some may even indulge but they don’t make a habit of it. Change your habits. Eat to Live! Don’t Live to Eat!

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