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My New Normal

Sitting in the airport reflecting on this weekend, the past twenty-six years have flown by. Where did the time go. A women who was once my baby has started a new chapter in her life that won’t include our daily chats. She is grown up, starting a great life in California. I’m so very proud of her! BUT, I already miss her like crazy. Going home knowing she won’t be there will become my new normal. I’m comforted by the fact that she is an intelligent woman growing her talent while learning to live with her love. She has dreamed of an unconditional love and chased that rainbow until she found her Pot of Gold.

I’ll adapt to my new normal with the Love of my Life and my fur babies. I could look as this as the end and be sad but I won’t! It’s a new beginning for all of us which I believe it will bring great joy and happiness. I can’t wait to hear all her cool stories and tell her mine. Sharing our lives no matter how far apart we may be, knowing our bond will only grow stronger.

I had the pleasure of meeting some amazedly talented people during this short trip to LA. I meet Jess and her children with whom Ginni will be working with out in LA. Then Kevin Wilson came in, this man gave me a huge hug as did everyone I was introduced to. Spending time with Walker Redick was a precious time for me, this man is beautiful on the inside and out. I could visit with him all day. I got to meet and visit with Kailey Shaffer and her parents Kimberly and Kevin. I enjoyed listening to her new single, “Attached” which I quickly downloaded from iTunes. This woman is so talented, she is a singer, song writer and plays many instruments. I love how kind everyone is. I love the openness of spending time with people that don’t live in a bubble although the world has tried to trap them. They know who they are and no ones opinion will change that. This is the polar-opposite of where I come from. You are basically told something and if you don’t do it their way, you are wrong. I’ve never fit into that square box way of thinking. I’m a Christian and believe we should celebrate our differences and love one another because of these differences. I don’t believe judgement of someone else is right, I never walked in their shoes, so who am I to judge their choices. It is between them and God, it is not my business, I was called to love them.

Love is a choice. Judgement is a choice. Choose Wisely!

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