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My Birthday

My Birthday was bittersweet. This year is the first year that I celebrate my birthday without my daddy. You see I was born on my daddy‘s birthday so I have celebrated the past 50 years of birthdays with him, but this year was the first year I celebrated without him. This is not because he passed away and he’s no longer with me, but because he chose to cut me out of his life. He disowned me at a time in my life when I needed his understanding. However someone else got in is ear and changed him. It’s very sad for me but instead of feeling sorry for myself because my father hurt me deeper than anyone else has ever hurt me. I celebrated my birthday with joy and happiness. I also celebrated his birthday, just not with him. I won’t allow his stubbornness to stop my love for him.

It is very sad that my father made this choice but it wasn't made alone. He had another family member that helped turn his heart against me. This person is a Christian and someone I helped raise. Someone who I've loved through her own difficult situations. She goes to church every week, she takes her children to church. However, she judged me and talked harshly against me. She has shown me that she doesn't bear good fruits. The Bible says you will know them by their fruits. You can see inside someone's heart by the fruits they show. You don't have to know how they believe to know good from evil. How do they carry themselves? How do they present themselves? How do they treat the people around them? Do they act differently around some people?

I was also reminded that God is a God of second chances and he’s the father to the fatherless. Yes, I have a daddy on earth, however when he disowned me, that hurt me more than words can express. Through that pain, I learned that I have a father in heaven that will never leave me nor for sake me. He loves me unconditionally. He shows me love! He shows me love when I’m down. He shows me love when I make right or wrong choices. He gives me uncondtional love. He gives me true love and happiness, that only he can give. He forgives and never reminds me of the past. I am very blessed, grateful and honored to have a father above that takes care of me. He opens one door when closes another door. He is the Father to the fatherless.

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