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Mudbug Madness 5K


I completed my second 5K yesterday in the rain. I argued with myself throughout the day, should I go or stay at home. I decided to go, even if it was raining. I’m so glad I did. Kim and I had a blast walking in the rain. We started out jogging and finished that way but walked most of it. When she pushed me to jog, I thought I was going to die. I can’t tell you the last time I ran. I’ve made too many excuses and haven’t tried. It wasn’t easy but it has motivated me to want to push and get myself running. My next Mudbug Madness 5K’s goal is to run it. We finished the 3 miles, in 49 minutes, which beat our first 5K. I’m very proud!! For me, it’s not about winning the race but that I was in the race. I almost talked myself out of enjoying this experience with one of my best friends. We laughed, talked and encouraged each other through the entire race. I can’t wait to do it again. Getting healthy and fit can be fun!

As I was leaving, I noticed the sun was coming out. During the race, it was very gray and rainy but now, the sun was shining and it was beautiful. I started heading home, and noticed a rainbow, the brightest most beautiful rainbow. Wait!! I looked to the left . . . rainbow. I looked to the right . . .  the other end of the rainbow. It was a complete arch a full rainbow. It’s not often that you see both sides of a rainbow, I had to stop and take a picture which doesn’t do it justice. I Thanked God for his beauty and blessing. For me the rainbow is a symbol of God’s promises. It was God’s promise to Noah, that he would never flood the earth again. He has sent me a rainbow during times of struggle reminding me that everything would be ok and it was. Whenever he shows his mercy through a rainbow, I always give him thanks.

This was the perfect end to a Wonderful Day!!

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