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Missing Momma

Two years ago today, my momma went home to see her mom, sister, brother, son and many others that had passed before her. If you’ve ever lost a parent, then you know the grief comes in waves. Happy memories can flood your mind. You can go from laughing to crying in a matter of seconds. There is no way to explain the pain or how it will effect you at any given moment. When I woke up, I wasn’t sure how the day would turn out.

My husband, Terry greeted me with a big hug. He had got up early to get me a surprise. He had set up a bouquet of beautiful flowers with all momma’s favorites, Reeces PeanutButter Cups, Southern Maid donuts and a sweet card. Yes, it made me cry. I was overwhelmed with his kindness. Momma would be so proud of him.

We pick up my sister and headed to lunch together and a movie, Aquaman. It was a great movie. There is a part, I won’t spoil it but it has his mom. I started tearing up and noticed Frances was covering her face. I grabbed her hand as we both cried. It was a sweet moment for us. No one in the theater knew what was happening but us and Terry. From there we laughed about old memories and had a great day.

I’ve very grateful that I got to spend this day with my sister. If you would’ve told me a few months ago that I would be enjoy spending time with my sister, I would’ve said there is no way. God works in mysterious ways and I’m glad he does.

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