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Cabo San Lucas' Beauty

It was a beautiful day in Cabo San Lucas! This was our first stop in the Mexican Rivera. I was feeling great and silly as we rode the water shuttle to port. Once on land we joined a group that was going to Land’s End. Excitement filled the air as we boarded our barge to see the sights and enjoy Cabo. Land’s End was so beautiful, as you look at the photos, it looks like something out of a dream but it’s real and even more beautiful in person.

It was lunch time when our adventure came to an end so we stopped to eat. The menu was life size, literally. The food didn’t meet our expectations so it was back to the ship for pizza. Before we headed back I had to stop and take pictures of Louisiana’s state bird, the Brown Pelican in all her beauty.

Once back on the ship we were greeted by Mr. Happy sitting on our bed waiting on us, then it was nap time. The heat had drained us.


This port was non-eventful but that isn’t a bad thing. Life is moving too fast these day, sometimes it’s nice to just relax and take in the sounds of the ocean, simply enjoy the beauty surrounding us. Memories are made through happiness and sometimes the best things in life are in those still small moments.

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