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Living in the Moment

I’ve heard the phrase “Live in the Moment” most of my adult life however until this weekend, I didn’t really know what it meant or how to do it.

I knew this weekend was going to be a memorable one but I had no idea how memorable. I was going with my daughter, Ginni to New Orleans to the DanceMaker Inc. Convention. The plan was for me to get to watch Brooke Paulsen-Zelus conduct classes and my daughter assist her. I was more than excited. I’ve been a dance mom for twenty-four years. I’ve watched Ginni grow from a toddler, to a young dancer, to an amazing tap dancer, to a choreographer who cares about the art of tap and her students. Being a dance mom, I’ve been to many recitals and conventions but this was going to be the first time, I get to watch my daughter assisting.

As the Solo Competition came to an end, we headed to the bar in the hotel where I met so many wonderful people. I can’t begin to name them all, but meeting each of them was a pleasure all of it’s own. They all welcomed me, they hugged me and from that moment on I was part of the family. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. I wasn’t being judged. I wasn’t expected to act a certain way but just be me.

The next morning was an early morning of classes. We got up and headed down stairs, where again I was back stage. That’s when it happen, I got to meet Kathryn McCormick. I was trying so hard not to fan girl. Kathryn was one of my favorite dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance”, years earlier. I introduced myself and she was so sweet to me. I wanted desperately to get a photo with her but I didn’t want to be that person, so I decided I would wait.

Now Brooke and Ginni were already on stage. It was again so amazing to watch them both on stage teaching and mentoring young men and women in the art they both love so much, Tap Dancing. I watched as Brooke taught them the steps of the combination, then I listened. They were picking up the choreography and making noise and it sounded good. Really good. We moved on from that class to a younger group. Again I was so impressed with Brooke’s talent and ability to reach these young dancers. She made them laugh, she got them to dance and better yet she controlled the room, she even had a fun way to get them to be quite and listen.

The next morning it started all over but they let me sleep in. I was grateful but didn’t want to miss a minute of this weekend. I again was memorized by Brooke’s talent and to watch my daughter on the stage with her, moved me to tears a few times. At that very moment, I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter and all she has done and will do in the future. My heart was flooded with so many emotions, joy, happiness, pride, and love. This was my baby girl, living her life. She had grown into a Beautiful Person.

Dinner that night continued to amaze me when I got to meet the owners of DanceMakers as well as Kyle Robinson and Thomas Alexander. There were over twenty of us that went to dinner then out in New Orleans on Burbon Street. As we were all walking, talking, dancing and “Living in the Moment” I realized how happy I was. Really happy. Not one moment on this trip had I felt judged or made to feel uncomfortable. From the time we arrived until the moment I left, I felt like family, part of something special. There were no clicks just a lot of friends enjoying life together. Now, this is how life should be!

Reflections – Life really is too short for all the drama and worry. It isn’t easy to let go and just enjoy life. When you finally experience it, you want more of it, you want to live in that euphoria. I believe we can live there, we have to control our thoughts, don’t let the outside world control your thoughts. Their dramatic words don’t make it true, you hold your happiness in your hands. Don’t let reality of a rude boss or rude people in general steal your joy and your happiness. You’re in Control of yourself, they can’t make you do anything you don’t allow.

Marisa and me

Brooke, Ginni, Kyle, Dejan, and me

Dejan and me

Felicia and Ginni

Becca, Ginni and Brien

Ginni and Kyle

Kyle and me

Brooke, Kyle, Carl, me, Dejan and Seth – Ginni photo bomb in the mirror

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