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Its Your Choice

Every place I've travel. Every job I've had. There has always been a reason I was there. There was always someone who encouraged and inspired me or I encouraged and inspired. I'm not talking about your every day, pat on the back or encouraging word. I'm talking about deep connection, where that person forever has a place in your heart, that you will never forget. Their need for you, made a lasting impression, that is wrapped tightly in your heart. Or your need for them and their compassion shot right through you because few actually take the time to really care about people.

When I take time to reflect on my past jobs, some I was at for years and some I was at for months. I have questioned why I'm not like some who get a job and stay there for 10, 15 or 20 years. I've gotten down on myself for having multiple jobs over the years but this is the life God gave me. Maybe one day, he will allow me to stay putted work until retirement at one place. Until then, I will follow as He sends me where I'm needed to make a difference, an impact on someones life, if you will or when I need to learn a life lesson. I'm always open to his guidance no matter how painful the growing pains may be or the joy that each adventure may bring.

In those times I get upset because I see others "prefect" work lives. I'm reminded of my past coworkers that are so dear to me. Each position I've held, I can tell you a story of at least one person I still cherish. It may have been 20 plus years ago but I still think about them and most I could pick up my phone to call. There is one who comes to mind right this moment, it Gary Fred Neil. He passed away this past December of COVID complications. This man was not prefect but he was a Saint. If you were around him, you were going to get hugged on. As he said, love on people. I want to be like that, I want to Love! But sometimes, people make it hard. They may betray your trust, or talk about you, or be nice to your face but not behind your back, or they may be rude to you, or the list goes on and on. How do you love those people? The choice is yours. Yes, it hurts your feelings and you don't have to be someones friend to love them. You don't have to respect someone to love them. You simply rise above, choose your own happiness, put a smile on your face and love.

Reflection: Happiness is a choice. How you react to any given situation can bring you down or you can grown from it. I've reacted badly to a situation lately, however I chose to not allow the words and actions of others effect me in a negative manner. They will not define me. I know my truth and my worth so I let it go. I could have let it grow a root of bitterness but why? I refuse to allow the disrespect and negativity in. I won't give it authority over me. Know who you are. Know your worth. Believe in yourself and your abilities. You are Someone Special. Never let the words, actions or opinions of others effect what you think of yourself.

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