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I wish I had . . . .

I remember a conversation with my daughter a few years ago. We were talking about our lives and things we wanted to do. She has danced since she was 3 and wants to continue to learn all she can to develop a career as a dance instructor, mainly in tap. During this conversation she told me she didn’t want to someday look back and think, I wish I would’ve done that or tried this. She wants to experience everything out of life that she can.

This conversation got me thinking. I’ve devoted my life to my family and children, but what now. They’re grown and I’ve done nothing, outside of being a mom. My children have been my life since the day I learned I was pregnant. Now that they are grown, what’s left for me. Is my life over . . . yes empty nest is real. Once the pity party was over, the answer was a resounding NO! life is not over but just beginning.

First I started reflecting on my life, I was raised with humble beginnings. I was born on my daddy’s 30th birthday, yes, I’m a princess aka brat. My daddy was raised on a farm and became a tank fitter (welder). He was one of the best at his trade.  My mother was a house wife, until I was grown when she worked as a secretary. We lived in a small 3 bedroom trailer in a little neighborhood, across from the “Chicken Farm”. It wasn’t a chicken farm anymore but a block of old rental homes. We didn’t have much money but I had an imagination so I played outside. We never went on vacation due to money restraints.

When I was in high school I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii with the dance line. We worked many fund raisers to pay for the trip, whatever we didn’t raise came out of the family’s pockets. My daddy did everything he could to make sure I’d get to go. He would pick up cans, crush them under his truck and turn them in for cash. It was hard times but we made the best of it and I made the trip to Hawaii for 14 days and 14 nights.


Since then  . . . . TO BE CONTINUED

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