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I’m a Survivor!!

Let me tell you, this was not an average Saturday morning. I thought I was going to die . . . I was surrounded by people. My shoes were covered in mud.  I could hardly breathe. I continued to tell myself it is going to be ok. When I thought I wasn’t going to make it out alive. I started telling myself, you can do all things through Christ. You can do all things! You can do all things! You will get out of this! It’s going to be ok. About that time, I saw a police officer and asked him if he was there to help. That’s when I saw it!! It was an answer to my prayers. At that moment, I knew I would be ok.

I had been through so much in less an hours time. Mud was every where! My entire body was hurting. But, I knew I was going to make it! After 49:28 minutes of this torture . . . I finally crossed the Finish Line!! I did it! I finished Back Roads and Bayou’s 5K!


This 5k almost didn’t happen. I got up early, but was late leaving. After driving a few blocks, I realized I left my number at home. I finally arrived at Lynn Farm’s in Gilliam, LA and almost got stuck in the mud trying to park. I made it just in time, with only 5 minutes until the race was scheduled to start. The race started with us being lead through the mud by a pond, across the street and into a cornfield. The course took use deep into the cornfields, through lots of mud and tall grass. There were many times throughout this course that I had to dig deep and push. I wanted to give up but I continued to push. My legs were on fire!! I hit the first mile marker and my feet were numb. I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to finish this race. This by far was the hardest race yet.

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