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I Don't Have Hot Sauce!!

Does the phrase, "I'm Sorry." really deserve the breath it takes to say the words? The words flow so easily but have little meaning, real meaning. Most don't even know what the phrase means. Then there is the "but". The phrase is almost always followed by, but. A true apology is long gone.

Let me share a story with you. The other night, we were preparing dinner, Nachos. As I was finishing up and making my plate. Terry was eating chips and hot sauce. I sat down to enjoy dinner with my husband, but there was no hot sauce. He had eaten all the hot sauce. When I said seriously, he gave me the, "I'm Sorry." That sorry was void of meaning. Why? His belly was full of hot sauce and it didn't matter that there was none left. It also didn't give me, hot sauce. The sorry didn't make anything better, I still had no hot sauce.

We all have moments when we disappoint or hurt someone but give them more than empty words. They deserve a sincere apology. Let them know, not only by your words but your actions, that you are sorry. That they do matter to you. Don't give them a Sorry, Not Sorry. It's funny but remember, "I still have no hot sauce!"

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