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Humble Taxi Driver in Puerto Vallarta

We got off the ship in Puerto Vallarta ready to explore. We walked around and decided to rent a driver/car for a few hours to show us the sites.

He drove us through areas that weren’t what we expected to see. He was pointing out hotels and condos that he was so proud to show us. He took us through a neighborhood to a beach that was beautiful but not where you would want to spend much time. It wasn’t the beaches we’ve seen in photos. I was trying not to judge, this place was not the tropical oasis I thought it was, at least not the areas he was showing us.

That’s when it happen, I began to be humbled. He started telling us about his thirty-five years of driving to provide for his family. He explained that he has a big family of eleven brothers and they owned a big portion of his neighborhood. He offered to take us to his home. Terry was hesitant but I said sure. I had a peace from his humbleness. As we got closer to his home, he pointed out home after home that belonged to his family until we arrived at his home. I could feel his excitement to show us his home. I asked permission to take photos. The entry way was a small living room full of photos of his four sons and one daughter. He told us each child’s name and age in each photo, and where they are today.

We met his wife Maria who was tidying up their humble home. Turning to our left was a room big enough for the small bed that you could walk around. That was one of his son’s room that recently left home. To the right was a little bigger room. A few steps took us into the kitchen where the master bedroom was located to the right. He show us a picture of his wife and sister, they were beautiful. A few steps we were on their patio where we found their love birds.

He told us all about his home and his neighbors which consisted of mostly family. His parents were gone but their home was next door, he said they are gone, they are no more. One neighbor was from an American that he wanted us to meet but they never came out. He called out across the street from his yard. It reminded me of when I was a kid, life was simpler then.

I noticed there were no air conditions, only one ceiling fan, none of the luxuries of home but they were so excited to share their home and family with us. It was very humbling for me. This man was showing us his home and home land with such authentic joy and love. A place that most would snub their noses at and to be honest the smell got to me at times but I still took in his joy and excitement.


I enjoy the luxuries and materialistic things of America but I was humbled by this man in the few short hours I had the honor of spending with him. He was such a proud papi. There was not one ounce of shame in where he came from or the life he has lived and provided for his family. Do you live with shame? Stop it! Rejoice in your life. The people you’ve met, the things you’ve learned along this journey we call life. Every moment in your life, good or bad has brought you to this place. Look for the good, if you look for it, you will find it. You may not know it, but You are Blessed!

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