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He is Fabulous!

On a trip to Galaveston, TX a few summers back, my daughter and met a Fabulous Guy.

We had driven the five or so hours in my new RAV4. This was a well deserved get-away for both of us. Ginni had been working non-stop at the dance studio and I had been working 40 plus hours at my full-time job and personal training a few hours after work. Once we arrived and got settled in our room, we headed to the back patio to unwind.  Ginni had met this gentleman named Je’. We ended up visiting for hours. As it turned out, Je’ had been a dancer, he had trained and preformed mostly ballet but he and Ginni hit it off like they had known each other their whole lives.

As we visited, I saw a critter, it was a baby possum. The little guy was scared and trying to get off the patio. I was looking out for his momma. He was cute but I know, from growing up in the country, mom is close by and she is not going to be nice. Things like this always happen to me. I love critters. If you know me, you know I took pictures.

We said our good-byes and headed to our rooms. It was such a pleasuring meeting this young man. We were in a room where the lights shined in all night so I didn’t get much sleep. I did talk to the front desk the next day, about that and a few other things I was told incorrectly and got the room fee credited back.

The next morning to our surprise, as we were heading out to get breakfast and enjoy a day on the beach, we saw Je’ and his boyfriend. Yes, he is gay. And NO, I don’t care. He is a great person. Stepping up on my Soap Box. I am a Christian that believes Jesus died on the cross for us all. If I was to snub my nose at him and not give him the time of day, what does that make me? I’ll tell you, it makes me a hypocrite. It makes me judgmental, and the Bible says to the extent I judge others, I will be judged. I live by the scripture that tells us to treat others the way we want to be treated. Last thing, Jesus commanded us to Love and that is what I choose to do. Just because someone makes different choices than I do, doesn’t make them wrong and me right. That is between them and God. Work out your own salvation and get the plank out of your eye before you worry about the speck in your brothers. Stepping off my Soap Box.

Back to the story, The guy were planing to Bar-B-Q that evening and invited us to join them on the patio. We accepted the invitation and went our separate ways. The day didn’t go exactly as we had planned. My son and his finance were running late so we met them for lunch at Rainforest Cafe. I got to meet the Frog, I was beside myself, so excited to meet him. From there we headed to the beach where we spent a few hours playing in the water and relaxing. This was the first vacation I got to spend with my kids. God gave us a beautiful day with memories that will last a lifetime. Amber and I played out in the waves while Ginni and Dustin played on the beach. Words can’t express how full my heart was watching them enjoy time together and bonding with the lady that would become my daughter-in-law.

We got back to the hotel to find the patio had been transformed into a welcoming home. The grill area had four sides, Je’ and his friends had turned it into a fancy bar with all types of wines and such, a prep-kitchen, a nice table top and steaks were already on the grill with vegatables. They had gotten the hotel kitchen to supply plates, silverware and glassware. We wanted for nothing and they severed us drinks and great conversation. We were treated like a VIPs. Everyone that came out to the patio that evening was welcomed and invited to eat dinner with us, including four producers from HGTV who were there filming.


This was the first time in a very long time that I felt so welcome and truly enjoyed the company. I learned so much about Je’ and his friends. During that weekend Je’ became a friend and we stay in contact with him. He is comfortable in his own skin and it was nice to be able to learn more about him. This is a man who puts others before himself. He lives with his grandparents to take care of them in their final years of life. He has a great heart and I’m very blessed that God brought him into our lives when he did.


You never know when God will send someone in your life to teach you a lesson. I have been that person to judge others but over the past ten or more years God has been molding me into a more accepting person. Don’t miss out on knowing incredible people because you may not agree with them or they may be different. It may be that difference you need in your life to be a better you.

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