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Get Off Your Behind and Make It Happen

You say you want more out of life. You dream of owning your own business or becoming a professional dancer or fill in the blank. To have these things we can't sit around, waiting for it to fall in our lap. Life doesn't work that way. We have to work for it. We have to have a drive within us to make a move, to get off our behind and make it happen.

If God has put a desire in your heart, it is there for a reason. He will not start something within you the he will not finish. He will open doors and make a way for you to see it through. That doesn't mean it is going to be a cake walk. You have to put in the work. When he opens a door, we have to walk through it. We have to show that we are willing to do the work and do it. Life is full of dreams and desire but no action. I challenge you to take action.

When I started writing my book, Life Happens - Enjoy the Ride. The seed had been planted many years before. I would start to write, then self doubt and fear would stop me. I would start taking steps then stop and hide my little dream away in the dark corner of my computer. It was finally time for me to jump up and run through the door that was opened. As I began to write, the words seem to flow onto the pages and within no time, I had completed a book. I had walked through the first door. Then I sent my draft to a publisher, who within a few weeks accepted it. I waked through another door and another until I had completed the process of writing and publishing a book. It wasn't easy to walk through each door, self doubt would slap me in the face during this journey.

Every time I would doubt myself, God would send someone to encourage me. I would think who would want to read about me, I'm just a mom, an every day person. That was my answer. Yes, I'm an everyday person that others can relate to. They may see themselves or others in my stories and know they are not alone. We are in this thing we call life together. Since I wrote the book, started the blog, and the podcast . . . many have related to my stories. They have been encouraged to never give up. To get off their behind and make it happen. Don't let your dream pass you by because of fear or self-doubt. Live.

Reflections: I could have stayed in the living room sitting and watching TV, while life passed me by, but I made a choice. I choose to Live! I wanted more out of life than going through the motions. I wanted to do more for myself and others. I made a choice to inspire and encourage others by being vulnerable and sharing my stories. I'm glad I did and you will too. Take the first step towards your dreams, towards a happy fulfilling life. You've got this!

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