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Cruise 2018

I was more than ready for Vacation! We try to cruise at least once a year but missed last year. Cruise 2018 was drawing near after counting down for 163 day. Our bags were packed and we hit the road. Excitement was in the air! We arrived in Galveston late in the evening but still headed straight to the beach. It was a beautiful night. We ran in the water and looked for crabs before heading to the room to call it a night.

Once we were all snug in our beds, it started. Shelley couldn’t sleep. She started being silly by the wee hours of the morning we finally laughed ourselves to sleep. As the dawn broke, Shelley woke us all up watching the “Rooster Gulls”. This girl cracks me up.

It was finally time to board the ship! As always the ship is massive and its beauty breath taking. We grabbed a bite to eat and sat on the deck to eat while waiting for our room to be ready for us. It was very hot but we were on vacation!

Our time on the ship came with ups and downs just like the waves of the seas. Emotions were high and feelings got hurt but over all it was a great experience. We laughed together, we fussed at each other, we experienced a jungle river, stingrays and turtles. Experiences of a lifetime and we got to experience it together even through our differences. We rose about the strife and took advantage of God’s beautiful world.

When we returned home, we all went our different ways. As for me, I began a new journey of self discovery. Many words were spoken, as I reflected, I asked myself if the words were true. Yes, some of them were true but I wasn’t a bad person. I wasn’t going to own the things I didn’t agree with, however as circumstances around me seemed to get worse, I began to believe I was a bad person. I began to believe I deserved all the bad things that were happening, I deserved my life falling apart with no friends, job or anyone to talk to. But! Then I was reminded of Job. He had it all and God allowed it all to be taken from him. Then he restored back unto him 10 fold. The Bible says, it rains on the just and the unjust . . . I’m a child of the King! I’m not perfect but Forgiven.

Reflections: Life can be unfair but God is fair and just. He will make a way where there is no way. He will be the friend to the friendless. He will be the father to the fatherless. His yolk is light, cast your care on your Heavenly Father. He will carry your through the storms of life, when people will let you down.

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