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Change Happens Within

In this ridiculousness that we are living in, I want to introduce you to some people that I call friends and some I’ve met along life’s journey. I want to share and celebrate our differences and maybe open you eyes. Open your eyes so you will know judging others without know more about this is wrong. I hope to blow some myths you grew up thinking about other person. God is no respecter of people and we shouldn’t be either.

What does that mean, no respecter of person? It means we aren’t influenced by another person’s power, wealth, color or lack of these and more. It means we treat everyone with respect and love regardless if they are living in a mansion or a box under a bridge. It means we don’t look at someone’s color or how they dress and assume the worst. I challenge you, if you are going to assume, assume the best, give them the benefit of the doubt.

I was raised in the South through the late 60’s and 70’s. I went to high school in the 80’s. I was the little skinny white girl in school with predominantly black classmates during grade school. My parents did use words that I was offered by, but they were my parents. I learned at a young age, people are people and we all ultimately want the same things in this life, love and acceptance, to be understood. I believe we all deserve that no matter who you are.

With that said, here is are a few photos of me and a few friends. Looking at the photos, you see obvious differences, but beyond the surface is where I want you to focus. Most people would stop there and judge. You see what you want to see because of your past experiences and your life’s drama level. The more drama we have in our lives, the more colorful the judgement will be. Again, we assume. Instead of assuming why not ask. Ask questions and get to know people. Judgements with assumptions as your deciding factors are unfair and lack truth.

I’m not about to say I completely understand prejudice, racism, or all the hate but I will say, I’ve been misjudged unfairly throughout my entire life. I’ve lived the little white, blued-eyed skinny girl from the South. I’ve been called racist just because I was white. I’ve been shamed because of the way I look and speak. I’ve been pulled over because of the car I drove. However, I have no way of completely understanding what people of color have lived. I’ve never walked in your shoes, but I can and do love and respect you. I can with complete honesty say, I don’t care who you are, what color, gender, sexual preference, religion, or whatever label the world puts on you, I love you and will show you respect if you show it to me.

We can all change. This change can be for the worst or the better. Don’t let the media sway you or the ugliness you see around you, but make a choice to take the high road be better than what is happening around you. Make a choice to Love everyone you meet. Throw out the preconceived notions that difference races are bad, we are all in this together. We can live in harmony if we choose. It’s your choice.

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