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Celebration - Here’s to You

Today I want to introduce you to A woman who has lived through some unthinkable things but manages to stay positive with a smile.

She was born in 1960 growing up in the age of the Hippie’s, Peace, Love and Drugs. At the tender age of four, she lost her baby brother to a heart condition after a life of pain. Years later she was turned onto drugs which became her life.

This woman is a genius but struggled in school because of boredom. After she graduated she became a Bank Teller. This was something she was very good at. She was the head teller in no time. Then tragedy struck and her life was forever changed.

She is the mother of two and the grandmother of two. She has been homeless, friendless but never without hope.

I’ve watched her go through struggle after struggle and live with back pain since she was a child, however she always finds her happy place. She has taught me the meaning of “never give up”. She has helped mold me into the person I am today. I’ve learn from her mistakes and made some of the same. She has taught me that you don’t have to be famous to impact someone’s life and make a difference. You just have to Love and Live.

Who is this woman? Her name is Frances, she is my sister.

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