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Celebrating You - Friends at First Sight

Have you ever met someone and just knew you were meant to meet? That happen to me during a vacation to Jamaica. Terry and I were standing in line waiting to head to tube down a jungle river when we met Mike and Raechel. The four of us clicked from the start. We spent all day together. We laughed and talked while we floated through the jungle on the river together. We ate lunch together while sharing stories from our lives. It felt as if we knew each other for a lifetime. We found a lot in common and promised we would stay in touch. Although we life in different states, we've remained friends, waiting for the day that we meet again.

I'm so grateful for the adventures we shared together on that day in Jamaica. I believe God puts people in our lifes that you know are only a phone call away. People that you know are praying for you and you pray for, even when it feels like you are all alone in this world, God has placed people in your life. Some may say it's rare to meet genuine people, but I say, open your heart. You never know who you will meet that may just become a friend for life, a prayer warrior for you, or you for them. Make the memories and allow your life to be full of joy.

Life is short. Enjoy the adventure. Meet new people, you never know how they will impact your life.

Happy Birthday Mike!! Today, we Celebrate you!! We love you and your beautiful wife, my dear friend Raechel.

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