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Celebrating You . . .

It was a beautiful February morning in Dallas when I met Tameka. This road trip started out full of disappointment but it ended with a new friend.

It was a cold morning as I headed to the race. I’d never traveled to another city to run, nor had I done anything like this alone. When I arrived, there were lots of people, Thousands of runners. I visited with a few as we waited then made our way to the start. I was very excited about running in Dallas. It was very cold but my heart was pumping and ready to run.

I crossed the Finish Line and headed for my Hot Chocolate. As I was looking for a place to sit down and relax, I saw a lady taking selfies as she giggled at herself. I sat down close to her as I started to talk to her. Her smile was contagious and her kindness was heart warming. A friendship was formed in that moment. I knew right then she would be a part of my life, maybe distant, but one of those people that once you’ve met, they are always in your heart.

We visited the rest of the morning as she drove me back to my hotel. We have stayed in tough through 2020. I can’t wait till I get to see her in person again. This lady has love for her family, love for life, and an Amazing Women!! I’m very Blessed that God allowed us to meet and become family. Love you T!!

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