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Celebrating Robert!

Growing up the 4th of July was not a happy day. There weren’t any celebrations in our home, it was the complete opposite. There were a lot of tears and very few words were spoken. It was a day of mourning. It was a day of grief and depression. Fifty-four years ago today my big brother, Robert Allen went to Heaven. My mother carried so much grief over losing this little boy that she never really got over it. But today! I celebrate Robert! I never had the honor of meeting my big brother, he died four years before I was born, but I know he is watching over his little and big sisters from Heaven. Momma is there with him now signing and dancing with big smiles on their faces.

Today, if you will, join me in celebrating this beautiful baby boy who was taken from us before his first birthday but never forgotten. I ask that you simply raise a glass to Robert.

Happy 4th of July!!

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