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California Cruising

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

This was our first cruise out of Long Beach, CA. It was our Tenth Anniversary so we wanted to go some place we hadn’t been in the past, visit a new place and explore. Cruising out of New Orleans or Galveston has always been a big party! The first difference I noticed was how fast we got through port and onto the ship. The process was much easier in California. They were very organized and the way the port was set up with very inviting. The crew in port were very friendly, this isn't always the case at the other two ports we have sailed out of.

Cruising out of LA, I was expecting temperatures to be on the hot side, after all it’s the end of July. At home it was in the 90’s to 100's and HOT! I was pleasantly surprised that was not the case. We experienced high 60’s to 70’s during the evenings and 80's to 90's during the day.  My hot-nature even got little chili, you know it is cold when I ask for a blanket. It never seemed hot with the cool breeze that continued to blow throughout the days.

As we walked around the ship, we noticed there weren’t a lot of people on deck. Our experience has been lots of lounge chairs and people on deck drinking, talking, dancing, and having a blast but not today. There were no lounge chairs on deck, instead we saw tables and chairs with people eating, mostly fruit. As day turned to night we went to the casino which has always been full, but not today, there were only a handful of people gambling or drinking. Terry asked if the boat was full and it was sold out but where is everyone. It was more like a ghost ship, than a Carnival Cruise. 

The next morning I got up and headed to walk the track, I found the people. They are working out, walking and running the track, yoga and stretching. These people are different from back home. They aren’t big drinkers and party animals. When I went to the gym it was so full there wasn’t a machine open to workout on. These people are health conscious. I checked back in the gym throughout the day and it was always full. There are all body types on board but even the heavier frames are firm from working out.

I’ve also noticed animals on this cruise. The nine cruises I’ve been on, not one dog was on board but here I’ve seen at least three in the first day. Lots of groups, big families that stayed together.

I learned a lot on this cruise which I will share later, but I did notice the cruiser's were not as friendly coming out of this port. On all the other cruises, we've met some really great people that we stay in touch with. This time was different, we didn't meet or talk to many people. Unless you were in a group, you were left alone and no one would bother you. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, just different from other cruises I've been on. There wasn't the Southern Hospitality on this cruise, it even felt like some were being rude, but I came to realize it was just the difference in where we live. They weren't being rude, just being themselves and enjoying their vacation.


It was nice to go on a ship from a different port. It was interesting to see the differences in the people we encountered during this vacation. There were moments I was humbled. Moments when I was amazed or even shocked, but all in all, I saw that America is a Melting Pot.

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