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Busy Busy World

Wow! I can’t believe it has been a month since I’ve blogged anything. Life happens . . . I was out of town most of June, which made excising and eating right a challenge. I did continue to workout, waking up early and getting in an hour of water aerobics every morning and at least 30 minutes on the bike or treadmill every evening. However, frustration set in when I got back home and discovered I not only didn’t lose weight but I gained. Others tried to encourage me, with kind words but it didn’t help. I knew I was doing all I could do and had to consider there is more to the story. Fitness trainer will tell you push hard and eat clean, but I know my body and something isn’t right.

I’ve contacted an Internal Medicine Doctor to have a complete work-up done. I refuse to believe this is it, I’ve gotten older and I have to settle. I won’t settle, I’ll fight. I’ll be a healthy 50 in a few years.  I plan to enjoy life, do things I never dreamed I could do.

I’m a Surviver! I’m a Fighter! I’m a Winner! I’m Victorious!

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