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A Whole Puppy

I got a call from my husband, Terry, this morning. He said they found a puppy in the dumpster. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He said one of the guys at work took some trash out and when he came back in, he said, “There is a whole puppy in the trash”. Terry asked, “A whole puppy?” He followed the guy outside and there sat in the dumpster a little brown puppy. Someone had thrown him away.

I went and picked up the puppy. I had every intention on bringing him home, getting him cleaned up and putting him on Facebook to give away to a good home. I got the puppy home and he was covered in fleas. It took 3 baths and hours of picking the fleas off of him. He was so sweet, he allowed me to bathe him and pick for hours. He never cried or tried to get away, he just laid on my legs and let me take care of him. You know I was falling in love with this little guy.

My daughter, Ginni, got home and saw him. Now, she is one that doesn’t want any new animals. She likes her dog, Duck and tolerates our dog, Bella, both chihuahua. She saw him, I told her how he ended up at our house. She told me, we have to keep him. Wait! What?! Who are you and what have you done with Ginni. Needless to say, we did keep him.

He started out around 8 weeks old and about 6 pounds. He has grown to over 60 pounds now. He is the sweetest most playful, loving guy. He thinks he is a chihuahua, I have to remind him daily he is not little. We named him Theodore Dumpy.

Reflections: Life may kick you when you are down. Some may not like you even throw you away, but God has a better life for you. He will open doors you never dreamed of and give you better opportunities and bring great people in your life. If God took care of this little puppy, how much more will he do for you, his child. Trust and Believe.

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