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A Day Full of Miracles

Surgery day was finally here. The day started out at 4am getting all dressed up in my Zebra leggings and WW shirt.

Terry prayed before we headed to the hospital and I never stopped from the moment I woke up until I was asleep in the operating room. As we began our drive to the hospital we were listening to Pandora when a song began to play, by Michael W. Smith entitled, I will carry you. It was straight from the mouth of God to our ears.

🎶 I will carry you 🎶 Be your strength 🎶 And pull you through 🎶Reach for me 🎶And take my hand 🎶We will pray 🎶And we will stand 🎶In a world 🎶Crying out for peace 🎶Let your heart be strong 🎶For when I am weak 🎶You will carry me 🎶

Those words spoke to my heart which brought tears of praise to my eyes.

I glanced at the radio to see the name of the song when I saw the number 4:44. I see certain numbers daily but hadn’t seen this one so I looked it up, the Angel Meaning is Protection - Your spiritual guides are protecting you.

As we turned on Mansfield Road from Kingston, there sitting in the middle of the street was a bunny rabbit. I knew with all the other signs it was God speaking to us again. I immediately looked up the meaning, the rabbit is a sacred spiritual symbol meaning good luck or good fortune, seem to blossom up on, surround and bless the path of.

God had not only sent my Guardian Angels but he sent a fleet to guide each and every person praying from a far and the ones by my side. They were guiding each movement of every person involved in my treatment from the ladies who checked me to the surgeon and all the nursing and surgical staff. I knew without a shadow of a doubt God was in total control and I was at the foot of the cross.

Now for the medical part of the story. Once I was all checked in with my pretty bracelet, I was sent straight back to room 4 where I was introduced to many nurses who would be taking care of me. A central line was started but not before my vein tried to roll, the nurse did something and was able to save it without a second stick. It wasn’t long until Dr. Marx came in. He told us, we just made the cut-off, with the new COVID mandate many surgeries were being cancelled. Yet, another miracle! If we had to reschedule there is no telling when the surgery would happen. I had already lived like this for too long, but we made the cut-off so on with the show.

I met my team of anesthesiologist, Dr. Armistead, Tracy and Hunter. They were very informative, not only would I have a central line, but also an A-line in my other hand that would monitor my blood pressure from the vein and a central venous line in my neck. At the mention of an IV in my neck I began to stress. I was prepared for surgery, losing a kidney and even death, but I was not prepared for anything in my neck. They quickly explained, the line would not be put in until I was asleep which eased my mind a little. Tracy gave me some meds and that’s a wrap, I don’t remember much of anything until I was in recovery.

I met Lauren during pre-registration the week before, she would be working in recovery and promised to find me, and she did. She wasn’t my nurse but keep a close eye on me all day. Terry dropped off my bag when I was waking up so they called him back. I vaguely remember seeing him and the doctor, but I was told they got the whole tumor but didn’t have to extract the adrenal gland or kidney. I was in and out of consciousness all day. There was a lady a few beds down from me that continued to yell out. I remember asking Lauren if I needed to yell too. I was in pain but wasn’t sure if that was the way to get their attention, since my nurse was sitting right beside me the whole time. From then on they knew I was the class clown, I never lost my sense of humor, even in the most intense pain.

We had been forewarned the hospital was full which meant I may be in recovery all night. I was fine with that once the lady stopped yelling. Then the lady on the other side of me, her husband arrived. He coughed and snorted so much, I asked my nurse if it was safe for Mr. Cough and Snort to be back in recovery, after all I had just had surgery and couldn’t move. It turned out the man had a lung condition, which was all the more reason he shouldn’t be in a Covid hospital. SMH!!

Dr. Marx came back when I was more alert. He showed me pictures of the tumor, the adrenal glad and organs he had to move around to get to the tumor. This explained why I felt as if I had done one million ab exercises. He said I did amazing and the team was on point. Lexi (the tumor) did dump a lot of hormones during surgery, every time they would touch her, however the team had me well blocked and all though my blood pressure would spike, it was never out of the normal range. I explained how surprised I was to wake up with both kidneys, the doctor said it was touch and go a few times when he thought he would have to remove it but everything worked out perfectly. He went on to tell me how each person that was part of the surgery was hand-picked. He had experienced this type of surgery when he wasn’t the lead and saw areas where if he ever preformed it could be better prepared and he was, he really was. He said they had worked together to come up with a plan of action on any and all different issues that may arise. As he and I spoke, he let me know that his also has a strong Faith. Again, God has been getting everything prepared for me, setting me up for success and Victory. I can’t express the level in which I felt God during this entire process and still feel him.

Finding out I had a tumor, that it wasn’t pregnancy induced hypertension but tumor induced 30 years ago which I had lived with all this time. Being dismissed over and over again by doctor’s when I would explain something was wrong year after year as symptoms continued to get worse and more of them, until now, starting over with a new lease on life. I’m not bitter or upset, now there have been moments of emotions about it all, but I’m so very grateful for the doctors in the ER that pushed to find out what was the root of my problem. I’m grateful for a new beginning a new chapter where I can Live!! I was prepared to die, not afraid but I’ve also been prepared to live. Live a life free of high blood pressure, crazy heart rate and not being about to catch my breath from simple tasks. Watch out!! My next 30 years are going to be Amazing!!

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