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50th Race

I started running, who am I kidding, walking in May 2016. I had visited the foot doctor earlier in the month. I went for, what I thought was a simple pain in my feet, which turned out to be multiple deformities to my feet. Over time, we would try custom made orthotics, if that didn’t work I would be facing surgery. He explained how he would take bones out of the top of my feet and replace them with plates, I would never really walk correctly again.

After receiving that news, I went straight to my momma. She told me I was going to be fine and get past this. I noticed on social media the Color Run was coming to town in a few short weeks. Why not?! After that I was hooked. Fast Forward to today! I turned 50 this past Tuesday. My first race in my 50’s is my 50th Race! That’s so Amazing! I couldn’t have done that if I tried.

My 50th Race was the Heroes Run! I couldn’t have picked a better race to celebrate this mile stone.

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