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What is OOLA?

It Comes from the word Ooh-la-la. 

1t's a state of awesomeness. 

It's a life that is balanced and growing in the key areas of health, finances, career, relationships, and well-being

It's a destination (i.e., getting to Oola)

It's describing actions, insights and goals that lead to a balanced life (ex: That’s so Oola.)

It's the ultimate plan for achieving balance in an unbalanced world

More About OOLA . . .

It’s what life feels like when you’re happy, growing, and looking forward to what the world has in store for you. It’s the feeling you get when you’ve landed that better job, grown a bigger business, or watched your kids succeed at something they’re passionate about.

It’s what you tell yourself when you’ve bought that dream house or paid off the last of your debts. It’s the confidence you feel being fit or the sense of wonder and enchantment you feel on your first cruise or trip to Disney World.

Oola means living life joyful, wholehearted, and ready to take advantage whenever good times and opportunity appear.


Most importantly, Oola is the proven formula for getting back on track, and finding balance in our unbalanced world. That's where I come in.

When you team up with me, Tonya Strahan, as your private Certified Oola Life Coach, we’ll work weekly together to turn your dreams into achievable goals. I'll support you in pursuing those goals with enthusiasm. You’ll focus on ways to reach your career ambitions, personal goals and lifestyle objectives, with me with you every step of the way. I'll share ideas, unlock new paths, and celebrate your wins.

But most importantly, I will hold you accountable for making progress in every area of your life.

Are you ready to Find Balance In An Unbalanced World?

I'm Ready!

It's Official! 

I'm a Certified Oola Life Coach!

I'm so excited to be able to bring OOLA Life Coaching to YOU!!

OOLA confirmed that Life is for us to Live.

That's obvious right? Not really.

How many of us, find ourselves going through the motions of life?

We go to Work or School. Then to whatever practice.

Home and repeat.

We aren't really living.


I found through my own journey, with Oola there is Joy, Happiness and even Fun waiting for us in our life.


I can't wait to share Oola and my own life experiences with you. 

Be, Do and Have What You Want in 7 Key Areas


10-Week Coaching 

We all have dreams of what we want to accomplish in life.

But what stops us? Work, family, financial pressures, and the hectic pace of our daily lives gets in the way.

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to dream big and passionately pursue something you want to do… if you wish you had a friend and mentor who thinks like you and who can inspire you to achieve big goals… if you need someone who can guide you to the people, strategies and resources you’re looking for…

The Oola Coaching Program is for You!

This 10-Week program has proven it works, when you trust the process and put in the work. I will be there to encourage, inspire and hold you accountable while you are on this journey to achieve you goals.


What are you waiting for? Let's get started towards your Oola Life. 

Click above to learn more. 


3-Week Coaching 

Life in the Fast Lane!


While the 3-Session Quick-Start Program will help with planning and making a start, most people choose the 10-Session program to work on bigger life changes they know can only happen over time. This 3 Week jump start makes a great refresher course year to year to help you realign with your goals and dreams.


Enjoy the Ride

Dream Big! I will help you enjoy the ride as you achieve your Dreams!

We all have those nagging voices in the back of our head reminding us that Life Happens. That we aren't good enough. That you can't get there from here. That Dream is too big.  

But those voices are wrong!


You are Enough!

You Can't Get There From Here!

Dream Bigger!

If you can relate, it's time to get yourself a Life Coach.

Not just any Life Coach, but a person you can relate to.

Someone who will buckle up and be part of the journey with you. Someone who will hold accountable, and celebrate your victories, but will also pick you up when you fail.  

To learn more click above


Become A Coach

Do you want to Inspire, Encourage and help other achieve their OOLA Lives?

This is NEXT Level OOLA!

Learn more about becoming a certified Oola Life Coach by clicking above.


You’ll study the same Oola formula that has helped transform thousands of lives. You'll learn how to transform lives by using the 7 F’s of Oola, the Blockers, the Accelerators, the Oola Wheel, the Oola Plan, and the Oola Path. You can Coach as a side-gig or build a Dream Career. 

Who doesn't want to work in a field where your job is to help others find a balanced life filled with Fun, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance, Field and Faith.