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Meet Tonya Strahan . . . 

Author of Life Happens - Enjoy the Ride

She is a kid at heart with a love for the outdoors. She loves the fresh air, playing in the backyard, walking 5Ks, floating in the pool or playing badminton. She is the badminton champ, if only in her backyard. 

Most Saturdays you will find her doing a 5K.  She started running, and when I say running I mean walking, shortly before she was diagnosed with seven deformities to her feet. She isn't one to let anything get her down, this set back only made her more determined. She decided to take control and started walking, that was in March of 2016. 

She lives with pain and physical limitations on a daily basis, but won't stop until she crosses the

finish line. 

She became a certified personal trainer in 2018 because of her dislike for working out and her passion for helping others. As a personal trainer, she enjoyed making the workouts FUN! Many of her clients agree that she put the "F" "U" in FUn. Tonya said, "I really enjoyed training and being a part of others fitness journey."

She has worked in Customer Service, Administration

and Human Resources.

She is a professional photographer.

She is the author of Life Happens - Enjoy the Ride.

She shares stories of her life not because she thinks she is "Somebody" but to let others know they are enough. 

Nothing is off limits, She is vulnerable and real, owning her mistakes and learning to forgive herself.

She is forever the Karaoke Princess.  

You've probably figured out by now,

She has a passion to help others. 

You will never see her give up, no matter what odds are against her. She will inspire, encourage and challenge others to do the same.

She was educated in the school of life.

This education is not one to be taken lightly. 

Tonya celebrates life and the differences of others.

She loves the fact that we are all different.

She's been told, "You're not normal!" That's true and "I'm glad, I'm not". 

She has lived a crazy roller-coaster ride of a life. Starting with her first memory, at eight years old being one of fear. To the joy of raising two great kids, a Marine Veteran and a Tap Choreographer.

To divorce.

To living a life of peace and joy with her Love.


She isn't perfect but Likes the person she sees in the Mirror! 

Published Author/Writer

Life Happens - Enjoy the Ride

I began to write "Life Happens" during a vacation that didn't go as planned. I've lived through extreme joys and the deepest of lows but I learned from every experience, including this one. As I sat alone, the encouragement of others who had heard parts of my life flooded my mind. I decided in that moment to start writing. I knew as I started writing, my passion to make a difference and impact lives was manifesting.

The stories that impacted me the most started flowing out of me onto the page. In one month, I had written a book, one month!! I couldn't believe it was that easy, then someone said these words to me, "You were anointed to write this book." She was right. It was prefect timing and the ease the words flowed onto the paper was noting short of a powerful anointing. My book was complete, within a few short weeks I had an editor and publisher. 

A year of edit, design, and all the jazzy stuff that comes with publishing a book, I can now say . . . 

I'm a Published Author! 

What I'm good at . . .

Motivating people to believe they can, no obstacle is too great

Beating the odds, no matter how high they are stacked against me


Living a life full of joy and sharing that with others around me

Inspiring people to stand up for what they believe in, everyone has a right to their own beliefs

What I'm working on . . .

Loving the person I see in the mirror

Not taking everything personal

My fitness journey

(a flat tummy)

Laugh more often


Relaxing - Live in the Moment

Standing in Abundance

That's enough about me, Your audience is waiting! 

Bring Tonya to your event!

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