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Hi, I’m Tonya Strahan

I'm a kid at heart with a love for the outdoors. I enjoy walking, floating in the pool and spending time at home relaxing with my husband and critters.


I'm not anyone famous, nor do I hold any big acclamations but I've lived a crazy roller-coaster ride of a life.

Starting with my first memory being one of fear and the loss of my best friend at the age of eight years old to raising two great kids, a Marine Veteran and a Tap Choreographer. 


Oh Wait! I am a Published Author! My book is about my crazy life, Life Happens - Enjoy the Ride. Sharing my heart so that you know you are not alone. I allow myself to be vulnerable by sharing life moments that made me the strong woman you see today.


I wear many hats, I'm a wife, a mother, a speaker, an author, a blogger, a podcaster, and a Life Coach with a passion to help others find the courage to believe in themselves. 


Last year I spoke at events inspiring people to find their inner strength, no matter the circumstances.

I love sharing my stories, and watching people's faces as they realize they can accomplish their dreams. Life can be messy but how you react to it will determine the lesson you will learn. My crazy dysfunctional life has taught me many valuable lessons. I share the vulnerabilities of owning my mistakes, learning to forgive myself and believing in myself.

I encourage, even challenge people to believe in themselves. The world has programed us to believe we have to look a certain way which none of us do. Then we believe we are flawed. I embrace the differences and celebrate them. 

What I good at . . .

Motivating people to believe they can, no obstacle is too great

Beating the odds, no matter how high they are stacked against you


Living a life full of joy and sharing that with others around me

Inspiring people to stand up for what they believe in, everyone has a right to their own beliefs

What I'm working on . . .

Loving the person I see in the mirror

Not taking everything personal

My fitness journey

(a flat tummy)

Laugh more often


Relax - Live in the Moment

That's enough about me, Your audience is waiting! 

Bring Tonya to your event!

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